Friday, February 27, 2009

An Ernie Tribute Music Video

My Google alert for "Ernie Kovacs" caught this posting from Feb 26 on a blog called PowerPop. The blog describes itself as: "An idiosyncratic blog dedicated to the precursors, the practitioners, and the descendants of power pop. All suggestions for postings and sidebar links welcome, contact any of us." Anyhoo, this posting embeds a music video by a band called The Loud Family in which the band (or their director) recreates several classic Kovacs bits, rather faithfully in some instances, and actually adds a sight gag or two that fit the mold. Here's the video:


Altrok Radio said...

As an indie rock blogger and an owner of "The Best Of Ernie Kovacs" DVD, this is a heck of a convergence...

In a far less direct way, this may be of interest:

Al Quagliata said...


Thanks for the comment. Interesting vid!