Wednesday, September 5, 2007

End Of The Weekly Ernie Kovacs Posts

Good day my fellow Kovacsians.

The Ernie Kovacs My Space Fan Page has finally hit the 500 mark; we're up to 503 friends this week. Our thanks go out to anyone who requested us as a friend or who has accepted a friend request from us.

This will be the last regular weekly post. The blog was started in March 2007 as an adjunct to my Ernie Kovacs Tribute Site. I figured it could be used as a way to quickly publish articles, essays and trivia contests without having to constantly update the main site. It has served that purpose well and will continue to do so. Its become too time consuming, however, to publish weekly and there's really no need to. I still plan to post as the mood hits me or as any interesting news about Ernie presents itself. The main site will always be updated to let you know of any new posts and of course I will post bulletins on the My Space page whenever the blog is updated. Feel free to stop by anytime; there's always a chance that myself or contributing blogger Ben Model will have something new for you.

One interesting piece of news that I discovered today concerns a new facility in Virginia called the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center. You can read an article about it by clicking here. The article states that the facility "has kinescopes of the earliest black-and-white television shows of comedians such as Milton Berle and Ernie Kovacs." Hopefully it will be "new" material that hasn't been seen in years and isn't available anywhere else.

Until we meet again Kovacsians, "It's been real!"