Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ernie's Former New City Home For Sale

Good morning Kovacsians. It's been a while.

Back in the mid 1950s when Ernie was doing his show from New York City he purchased a home for his mother Mary Kovacs in New City, New York, which is a suburb in Rockland County. The home is currently up for sale; you can see the listing and some additional photos by clicking the link above.

(ED. NOTE, 9/12/2009- I disabled the link to the property as it's apparently been sold or pulled off the market and the page no longer exists.- Al Quagliata)

Many Kovacs fans will remember that Ernie's daughters, Bette and Kippie, were kidnapped to Florida by their mother and Ernie's first wife, Bette Wilcox. According to Diana Rico's book "Kovacsland: A Biography Of Ernie Kovacs" Ernie filled the home with presents and decorations each Christmas in the hope they would all be reunited in time for the holiday. When they were finally reunited in the summer of 1955 the girls were brought to the house for the first time. Bette Kovacs remembered that there were still candy canes and stars on the ceiling in the room where they were to sleep and these remained there for all the years her grandmother occupied the home.

A nice story for a nice Sunday. Until next time, "It's Been Real!"