Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pass The Kapusta Please!

As has been mentioned in previous posts, our friend Rick Spector runs a company called "Stairway To The Stars" which specializes in costumes, props, awards and historical artifacts from the golden age of film and television. One of the ways Rick obtains these items is through auction.

I became aware of Rick and his work last year when I posted this piece about Ernie's classic puppet bit, "The Kapusta Kid In Outer Space". At that time the puppets were up for auction but nobody was buying them. After getting to know Rick through email correspondence it occurred to me that there wouldn't be a better person to acquire and care for those legendary puppets. I guess Rick felt the same way, because he ended up buying them. Now, a lot of folks will get to enjoy them!

Rick sent me an interesting email with some pics of a couple of the Kapustas which he brought to a recent event. Our thanks go to Rick for granting permission to share these with you:
Hi Al,

Just wanted to share with you that some months ago we were asked to display some of our vintage film and TV used puppets at the Orlando Puppet Festival at the Avalon Island Gallery in downtown Orlando. This event is hosted by Heather Henson's (Jim's daughter) IBEX Puppetry Company. The event was launched with a special opening night party on Nov 16th and runs through to Dec. 10th. They have posted numerous images on their Facebook pages of which I include a few here including one of Heather.. I was specifically asked to bring Ernie and "Albumen".

I also made a slide show presentation for all the puppets and included a section on Ernie with stills of him with "Albumen" doing the "Kapusta Kid in Outer Space". It is on a digital screen that loops next to the cases for people to learn about or remember Ernie.


Rick mentioned in another email that the duck in the case with Ernie and "Albumen" was made for Dave Seville by Morey Bunin and used by him on American Bandstand in 1957:

David Seville was famous for his creation "Alvin And The Chipmunks", who of course figure very big during the holiday season with their number 1 hit "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)."

And on that note all of us here in Kovacsland wish you a most Happy Holiday Season and best wishes for a prosperous New Year in 2011!  It's your gracious support throughout the year that helps to keep Ernie's legacy alive for a new generation of fans.

And, as EK himself might have said:    "It's Been Real!"