Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kovacs Memorabilia Auction Feb 21-22 2009 In Texas

A pair of Ernie's Percy Dovetonsils glasses are among many piece of Kovacs memorabilia slated for the auction block on Feb 21-22 at Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas Texas.

You may never get a chance to see any of these items again, but you can take a gander at the auction preview page. Click here to go directly to the list of Ernie Kovacs stuff. In each item display, just above each item image, there is a text box that says "turn off/on Pan & Zoom Images". Turn it off and then click on the image to see it in high resolution. For instance, you'll see that the black horizontal "eyelids" on Percy's glasses were drawn on.

There are also two books that have been hollowed out with some sort of sound or light effect inside. Ernie tried out the "library" sequence of the 1957 Silent Show a couple times when he was hosting Tonight in November and December of 1956. These prop books may be from those dry runs. Kinescopes survive for at least one of those Tonight episodes.

Below is an image for four title cards up for auction, in a lot, which are not identified but I believe these are from Kovacs Unlimited (CBS, 1952-54), as Schroeder was one of the puppets used on the show. The puppet is still around, in the collection of a relative of Andy McKay.

Anyone with deep pockets live near Dallas? Paging Mr. Letterman...!


chrismath said...

Wow! All the original Nairobi Trio stuff!

Al Quagliata said...

It is pretty cool. I want those Percy glasses! Thanks for the comment Chris.

Anonymous said...

I recently got the auction catalog in the mail (guess it was mailed to former members of the EK fan club Edie Adams started). An awful lot of stuff that will never be seen again. Well, I'm going to keep the catalog anyway...

Al Quagliata said...


You're point of "an awful lot of stuff that will never be seen again" is well taken.

I'm leaning towards the opinion as a Kovacs fan that a good portion of this material ought to be in the Smithsonian or a museum like the Paley Center For Media (in NY or LA) or the Museum Of Broadcast Communications In Chicago.

Perhaps the various parties who purchase this wide array of items will consider loaning them out to the various museums at some point.

I'm very curious to see in the end what sort of prices they command (especially the Dovetonsils Glasses and Nairobi Trio Masks). I'll probably post some numbers here when its all said and done.