Thursday, October 16, 2008

Edie Adams Passes Away At The Age Of 81

It is with great sadness that fans everywhere mourn the death of the wonderful Ms. Edie Adams, who passed away on October 15th, 2008 at the age of 81. According to her son Josh Mills the cause of death was cancer and pneumonia.

My fellow Kovacs Blogger Ben Model took the time today to compile some information which I've taken and consolidated into this post. Thanks Ben.

Here's you go folks, courtesy of Ben Model:

Edie Adams' obituary appears in today's New York Times, written by Bruce Weber. To read it, click here.

Among Edie's major accomplishments, although not mentioned in the obit, is the fact that she spent decades saving and hunting down Kovacs programs...scripts, kinescopes, 2" master tapes etc etc. She was an amazing woman, full of life and always working on some project or other, and she will be missed.

Here's a link to an obit posted on and another on

For the story as posted by the AP click here

Here's Edie's performance on the 1950 Miss U.S. Television program. She had won that title and this was her first major television exposure:

Ben Model

It's the end of an era my fellow Kovacsians.

Rest in peace Edie and say hi to Ernie for us. It's been real.

Al Quagliata


Anonymous said...

Goodbye Edie. You did Ernie proud. You will be missed.

Mister Ron said...

About seven or eight years ago, I joined the Ernie & Edie Fan Club, and Edie sent me a membership card, a glossy photo of Ernie with his printed signature on it, a photo of the two of them, and a photo of herself, with a nice, handwritten inscription made out to me.

She was a wonderful actress, from her Li'l Abner days to It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World and beyond.

I will miss her.


Barbara said...

Sad to see her finally go, but so happy that Ernie gets her back.

I too joined the fan club, but it just petered out and stopped one day. I met her at a signing of the EK Music collection cd release. I met her once - interesting lady.

Now Ernie, Edie, Mia and Kippie are together again. Can't be too sad about that little reunion, now can we?


Al Quagliata said...

Very true Barbara. Thanks all, for your heartfelt comments.

Dave said...

There's a great 10-part interview with Edie Adams (courtesy of the fantastic Archive of American Television) on youtube. She was a real character (in a good way)!

Here's the first installment (from which you can watch the entire series):

Thanks for helping keep Ernie's name alive. He was a true comedic genius.

Al Quagliata said...


Thanks for stopping by. I actually wrote a piece on the Edie interviews a while back. Clicking the link will bring readers directly to it and all the necessary links to view them. Those archive interviews are so great and indepth. The interviewer never gets in the way so you really learn a great deal. Edie's and Caroll O'Connor's are my two favorites.

I appreciate the fact that you provided a link to a place where folks can purchase EK videos, however, I've edited it out because it seems to me that the party selling those videos does not have the rights to them.

As far as Ernie videos are concerned, fans should pick up the recently released DVD set "The Ernie Kovacs Collection", curated by blog contributor Ben Model and released through EdiAd Productions, which is run by Edie's son Josh Mills.

Shout Factory is the distributor for the set. By purchasing directly from them you get a 7th bonus disc for free. Definitely worth every penny and it's all legal.