Monday, January 10, 2011

"The Ernie Kovacs Collection" DVD Box Set Available For Pre-Order!

Good morning, Kovacs fans!! Wonderful news: Shout!Factory is releasing a 6-disc DVD set entitled "The Ernie Kovacs Collection", and contains 13+ hours of Kovacs shows, sketches, and other rarities. I've been working on curating the set for Shout since May of last year, and had been asked to keep "hush-hush" about it until today, when Shout Factory's press release goes wide.

The set will be released on April 19, 2011 but is available for pre-order today on Shout's website. You'll want to order the set on Shout!Factory's website as it's the only way to qualify to receive a 7th bonus disc that includes an hour of sketches from the 1956 summer replacement show plus material from the two surviving "Tonight!" shows Ernie hosted (one of which includes the first-ever Eugene tilted-table sketch). Click here to go to Shout Factory's website and pre-order the set.

Click here to read the press release, which lists all the programming.

It's been real...

Ben Model


Al Quagliata said...

Fantastic!! A banner day for all Kovacs fans! Take a moment to read the list of contents by clicking the link provided above; so many things that fans have been asking me about for years are included on this new set!

Daddy-o Dilly said...


...more than I ever expected!

Thank you, Ben. I will really enjoy the results of your work.

Here is the news item at

steve said...

My prayers have been answered!!! As a longtime fan, I've been waiting for this set. This set will be a welcome edition to my Ernie Kovacs books and my DVDs.

Ben, you have my sincerest thanks for your labors.

I hope that this DVD set will introduce Kovacs' distinctive comedic style and artistry to a new generation.

Now, if only we could have the publication of a comprehensive, annotated edition of Kovacs' writings (hint! hint!), including "Zoomar," "How to talk at Gin," his columns from "The Trentonian," materials from "MAD," Percy Dovetonsils verse, and other writings waiting to be discovered! Oh well, I guess I can dream!