Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Power's Out Post And Some Trivia

OK. I just had to rush over the the library to write this post, fellow Kovacsians, because the power in my building went out once again. Then, I had to wait until this morning to post it because I had left the photo file at home and couldn't get back to the library. That's why the post is a day late. Please accept my apologies. Twelve hours with no power is no fun!

Take a look at the photo to answer this week's trivia question:

1. What is the name of Ernie's character?

2. What is his profession? (the full title)

FOR EXTRA CREDIT: Name a couple of his fictitious sponsors and if you're feeling truly adventurous some of the "tunes" that are on the records in the picture.

Once again thanks to all the folks have put in a friend request on the Ernie Kovacs MySpace Fan Page. We've added eleven new friends since last week and are now up to 408.


ltmurnau said...

Glad your power's back on, and congratualtions on breaking 400 MySpace friends!

The Kovacs Karacter pictured is Wolfgang Sauerbraten, "Disk Chockey" by profession.

His sponsors include PFFFFFT deodorant (in the handy rubber bottle and tanker-truck sizes) and Schnitzeldent toothpaste.

One of the records he might play is "If I'd Known you Were Coming I'd've Baked a Strudel".

geomop said...

You are too good my friend. The best Kovacsian trivia answer-er ever! YOU GOT IT!

OK Kids. Let's see if someone can come up with some other song titles.

Here's another question. There's a guy who's face is all scratched in the "Schnitzeldent" commercial. How many times a day does he brush his teeth?

Brian said...

It probably sounds as if I watch these old Kovacs shows every night; I don't! I just happened to remember that sketch. I'll leave the Schnitzeldent question to someone else.

geomop said...


There are worse pursuits than watching Ernie every night. And the fact that you don't and can answer these arcane questions so well is a tribute to your knowledge.

Thanks again for your support.

Anonymous said...

this is late in coming, but i have some additional details for you:
first, the name is wolfgang *von* sauerbraten... (and he is a german disk *chöckey* by the way: appreciate the gratuitious umlaut)
and another song he is playing is the catchy tune "kannst du pfeifen, johanna?"

best regards from munich, bavaria,
erich zann.

geomop said...


We always appreciate extra trivia! Thank you sir!