Monday, March 26, 2007

Whom Dunnit?

OK. Here's some Ernie trivia for you. A famous sketch of Ernie's was a game show parody entitled "Whom Dunnit?" Its on the best of collection and many of you have probably seen it. Its a satire on the old celebrity panel game shows of that era such as "What's My Line?" and "I've Got A Secret."

In Ernie's parody a "mystery celebrity" who is hidden backstage wounds a member of the studio audience and then the panel has to guess the identity of the celebrity who did the wounding.

The first audience member is killed. So, they have the "mystery celebrity" wound another audience member. This time, Ernie comes staggering out with his hand in his shirt like Napoleon and with blood dripping out. The panel now has to question the wounded Ernie to find out who the "mystery celebrity" is.

Right before the panel begins with its questions they reveal to the "audience at home" the identity of the mystery celebrity and their profession.

So here's the question and it has two parts:

1. What is the name of the "mystery celebrity?"
2. What is their profession?

Answer by way of posting a comment. Since all comments are moderated I will put up the first correct answer I get.

No prizes, just infamy on a blog. Big deal.

It's been real.

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geomop said...

"Goldbug" who is a friend on the Ernie Kovacs MySpace Page nailed this one:

The "Mystery Guest" was Dr. Harvey Serene, Curator of the Museum of Portugal.

Thanks again, Goldbug!