Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Nairobi Trio


Regarding Ernie's famous "Nairobi Trio" sketch:

1. One ape was Ernie and one was Edie. Sometimes a famous celebrity would play the third ape. Name two famous celebrities who played the third ape at some point.

2. What is the name of the song that is always used in this sketch?

For Extra Credit: How did Ernie come across this song and what does the title mean?

OK. Simply post your answer in the form of a comment (all comments are moderated). Once again there are no prizes but you will attain infamy by having your comments on a blog for all to see.


Devilbabytales said...

Hi, I found this blog while searching for any new sites or groups that may have the EK Record Collection posted. Found none but put in a bid on e-bay.
The song, I'm sure, was "Solfeggio".
How EK found it and what it may mean beyond Do-Re-Mi is out of my ballpark.
Same goes for the third ape in the trio, I always assumed it was just a stagehand.

geomop said...

You're correct about the title.

As far as the EK Record Collection is concerned, its out of print. The label, Varese Sarabande, doesn't even have it listed on their website anymore.

I'm going to have a post with a link to Amazon, where you can find it used. Ebay is also a good route.

Thanks for posting.

geomop said...

Kudos to my buddy "Goldbug" who nailed this question, sending his answer to the Ernie MySpace page at:

He got the exact answer I was looking for and added a couple of things I was not aware of! Thanks Goldbug!

Here is his response:

In answer to your March 28 trivia question...

Good evening, Al:

Two celebrities who I know for sure "hid" under the third ape mask were Jack Lemmon, and Frank Sinatra. (Back when Ernie was still alive, I remember hearing that both Dean Martin and Mervyn LeRoy had also posed as the third ape at various times.)

The theme music is a song called "Solfeggio" which means a singing exercise using the "Do-Re-Mi" syllables.

A singer named Pete Hanley gave Ernie a copy of the record in 1954, believing that Ernie would like it, and would find some good use for it. Did he ever!...

(That's a good trivia-question, Al. Keep 'em up...)

I will keep 'em up! And thanks for a response that's right on the money! I knew everything, except about Dean Martin And Mervyn LeRoy!

Nothing like a well informed Kovacs fan!

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth. Sitting with my mom as we celebrated her 82nd birthday she informed me that my father (her husband) played the third ape when the trio appeared on Ed Sullivan some time around '59/'60. He was also on the Spade Cooley show and worked with Ben Blue at his nightclub as a drummer and sketch performer.

geomop said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.