Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Poster Of Ernie Kovacs

Good afternoon my fellow Kovacsians. I know I don't have a mustache but at least I do a reasonable job making the face.

I bought this poster at The Paley Center For Media in Manhattan, formerly known as The Museum Of Television And Radio and prior to that The Museum Of Broadcasting. They also have a location in Los Angeles. If you've never been to the Paley Center you should go as they have a great collection of EK videos for your viewing pleasure.

"The Vision Of Ernie Kovacs" was a retrospect the museum did on Ernie from from May 30- September 4, 1986. The picture you see on the right is a scan I made of a postcard I received from the museum.

The poster I framed myself. If I'm not mistaken that screwy face Ernie is making is from a segment on "Time For Ernie" which originated from Philadelphia in 1951. Ernie was using his pliable face to show the audience how the vertical and horizontal holds worked on one of those newfangled television sets. He also had a piece of wood with knobs hung from a string around his neck which he turned as he showed the various "adjustments". Quite the relevant and educational concept for those days. Now if only he were around today to show me how to use this computer...

Until next time, "It's Been Real!"


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for one of those on and off... ever since I saw the photo of Edie standing in front of a row of them on a wall. I thought... there's gotta be a few of those floating around in a warehouse somewhere. Are there more?

Al Quagliata said...


They have the posters at the Paley Center For Media in NYC, at the gift shop in the lobby. The museum is located at 25 West 52 Street, New York, NY 10019, between 5th and 6th Avenues. They also have a location in Los Angeles but I don't know if they have the posters there. The website is They don't sell the poster through their website. I'm not sure how many they have left.

Through my website,, there is a shirt and book from the Paley Center which you can purchase. These are also from "The Vision Of Ernie Kovacs" retrospect. The shirt is the large photo from the top of the poster with "The Vision Of Ernie Kovacs" written underneath. Here is the page for those items. Those you can only get from us as we have acquired there last remaining inventory.

I appreciate the comment. Thanks.