Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Edie!!

I want to start off by wishing a very happy birthday to Edie Adams, who turned 80 on April 16th! Still beautiful I might add!

In other news, the Ernie MySpace page is up to almost 300 friends! Once again I'd like to thank those that have accepted our friend invitations and those who have seeked us out to be added. If you'd like to be a friend visit the page by clicking on the link above and put in a request!

On Friday I threw out my back and was laid up for a few days. Its still hard for me to sit up straight, so I'm going to close for today with the weekly Ernie links which I get off blogger and the web. Enjoy!:


Pop Artist Marilyn Drexler Used Ernie As An Influence In Her Work:

Edie and Ernie are mentioned in this post by "Pop Culture Fan Boy"

The Classic Comedy Blog Mentions The Nairobi Trio:


Lauren Zalaznick, President Of Trio TV, mentions Ernie in Esquire. This is good news to Ernie fans; if you have Trio is carried by your cable system you will get to see Ernie's shows. I've seen this in the past and they show a great deal of interesting stuff which you may not have seen as its not all shows from the Best Of DVDs:

"Pulse Of The Twin Cities" has an article recounting Jack Lemmon talking to Larry King about Ernie and then tells its readers about Ernie (scroll down to the middle of the page):

Until next week folks I bid you all a fond "It's been real!"

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